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Treatment for Soma addiction

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Soma is a muscle relaxant with active compound Carisoprodol. It is a prescription medicine that helps users to get relief from acute musculoskeletal pain within 30 minutes of intake. Users are advised the Soma muscle relaxer with the dose ranges from 350mg to 500mg. the prescription use of the medication is not for more than three continuous weeks.

Improper or long-term use of Soma medication can cause psychological dependence or addiction. Soma addiction can be treated with different treatment methods. First is detox and withdrawal management by regularly monitoring the symptoms and medication assistance. Second is behavioral therapy such as Cognitive Behhavioral Therapy (CBT), individual therapy, or group therapy. Third is Support groups. And last is change in the lifestyle by following healthy routines and managing stress.

Soma is a Schedule IV controlled substance and has lower risk of abuse and dependency. However, taking Soma safely help avoid dependency and get the best effect of the medication.

Learn more about Soma addiction and treatments.


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