Differences between plans

St.Petersburg, Russia. Compiled by SMath LLC. Dated: 6/17/2024.

Feature Plan name
Trial Personal Advanced Unlimited
Basic features of SMath Studio (main features of the program)
Free minor program updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free major program updates Yes Yes Yes Yes (for subscription only)
For personal use Yes (has limitations) Yes Yes Yes
Obtaining offline licenses Not applicable Yes Yes Yes (from local and root servers)
Automatic attribution in calculations No Yes Yes Yes
Personalization through program activation No Yes Yes Yes
Multiple activations by one user No Yes (up to 5 devices) Yes Yes (with multiple license)
Automatic update of extensions No Yes (when updating SMath Studio) Yes Yes
No watermarks when printing (about using the free version of the software) No No Yes Yes
Full access to paid extensions No No Yes Yes
For commercial use No No No Yes
Various integration and automation methods No No No Yes
Approved for use in organizations No No No Yes
Priority support with response within 24 hours No No No Yes
Multiple activations on different environment No No No Yes (with a floating license)
Multiple activations by different users No No No Yes (with multiple license)
Adding additional user devices to the license No No No Yes
Installation of a license server on the organization’s network + software branding No No No Yes (optional)
Registration on the Licensor's website is not required No (reminders in the interface) No No Yes
Licenses without time limits No Yes No Yes (with a lifetime license)
Built-in SMath Viewer extension (the ability to create executable files based on worksheets)
Ability to change program properties No Yes Yes Yes
Use of programs for commercial purposes No No Yes Yes
Cloud version of SMath Studio (the ability to work through a browser without installing of the program)
Creating private worksheets (not publicly available) No Yes Yes Yes
Embedding images into worksheets No Yes Yes Yes
Number of simultaneously open documents 3 (per IP address) * No limits * No limits * No limits *
Number of simultaneously open sessions 10 (per IP address) * No limits * No limits * No limits *
Maximum number of worksheets per account Not applicable 3 pcs. No limits * No limits *
Maximum total size of worksheet files in the account Not applicable 512 KiB 256 MiB 1 GiB
Maximum CPU time to perform calculations 1 s 1 s 3 s 3 s
Restoring the state of worksheets from revisions No No Yes Yes

* May be further limited due to server technical characteristics.