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SMath Studio

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Tiny, but powerful mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support.

It provides numerous computing features and rich user interface translated into about 40 different languages. Application also contains integrated mathematical reference book.

Free for personal usage! Plans for Organizations are available!

Application can be easily extended based on your needs. Built-in Extensions Manager tool allows to get access to hundreds official and third-party resources of the following types: usage examples, plug-ins, SMath Viewer based applications, snippets, interface translations, interactive books, handbooks and tutorials.

They talk about us (all reviews...)

  • Très bon logiciel de calcul, avec de nombreux plugin pour tous les usages. Une fois qu'on s'habitue, on ne peut plus s'en passer. Je le recommande vivement. Outre les fonction mathématiques, Il est possible d'utiliser de nombreuses bibliothèques, comme par exemple la bibliothèque Coolprop pour les données thermodynamiques, ce qui permet d'avoir un outil très évolué pour faire et expliquer des calculs très rapidement.

    by Vidal Silva

  • As a Civil Engineering professor, I've realized to be hard to find a software suitable for both introductory and advanced subjects. SMath is the only free software I know to get the job done. Try it out.

    by João Felipe Melo

  • This tool is amazing. It helped me on my university more times than i can imagine.

    by Radek

  • This mathematical tool is very useful. I was a Mathcad user, now I use SMath in all courses I teach and ask my students to use it.

    by Waluyo Adi Siswanto

  • excelente programita lo recomiendo

    by malandro

  • I've used this software for several years and can not use anything else for work. I'm a mechanical Engineer and use this for any calculations I do. 1) To show and check my work 2) to set values and write descriptions so I can reuse my formulas for other projects. This is better than any calculator. Thank you Smath for such a great software.

    by Shawn Paul

  • Great tool for all engineers. It's very user-friendly and has lots of functionalities that can be further extended by installing plug-ins (it takes just a few clicks, no need for tedious file manipulations). SMath can operate on units, perform symbolic calculations and many more. Also, it has very clear interface and all formulas can be entered just like you would do on a piece of paper. What's more, the software has great community of people willing to help with various issues.

    by Jacob M.

  • Pozdrawiam wszystkich użytkowników i zachęcam do wspierania produktu.

    by LeszekP

  • Grazie per l'ottimo lavoro che svolgete da anni. Sono un ingegnere ed anche insegnante e consiglio di utilizzare il vostro programma anche ai miei studenti

    by Aldo Pepi

  • Excelente software para cálculo. La interface tipo papel la hace muy versátil y amigable. La recomiendo ampliamente.

    by Tomás Soto

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